An app to empower students to make sustainable changes to their behavior in the classroom and beyond



To keep students in the classroom



Between the feelings and the behavior, the therapy room and the classroom


the connections model™: A new approach to teaching Emotional Regulation

The Connections Model supports the belief that in order for students to be successful, they must first know how to independently regulate their emotions.

The number of kids struggling to manage their behavior in school is currently growing year-over-year. Using intuitive technologies, we develop tools used by students, that teach kids how to regulate their emotions. We believe this is the missing link to their ability to function well in the classroom and beyond.

Increase in Autism rates 2007-2012
Special Ed enrollment increase in last ten years
states have decreased funding for education
Students struggling with Mental Health Issues

I have literally seen The Connections Model change a student’s life.

Middle School Teacher, Massachusetts

The progress I have seen using the app is amazing. It is the most progress he has ever made in school.

Middle School Parent, Massachusetts

I have been thrilled with the support and tools my children have received working with Steve and Lori.

Middle School Parent, Massachusetts

Most educators were content to describe my sons issues as non-compliance or emotional dysregulation, whereas the Connections team was able to identify that my son needed clear, concise instruction, and to see the consequences of his own actions. While initially reluctant on speaking about emotions, my son was quickly sold on KidConnect and its discrete handling in a nonverbal way of how certain classroom scenarios made him feel.

Middle School Parent, Massachusetts

Lori and Steve always have the success of the student at the center of their mission, and their flexibility at incorporating the ideas of staff, family, and students is a much sought after and rare attribute in modern day education.

Middle School Parent

KidConnect™ App

The KidConnect App teaches emotional regulation. Using KidConnect, a student learns to connect their behaviors to the feelings behind them.
Use KidConnect. Understand emotions. Change behavior.

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