About KidConnect

Connecting behavior to emotion using technology

The KidConnect™ App is an iPad software application designed for use by students with complex global disabilities and emotional dysregulation in the classroom.

Available for purchase and download via the iTunes store, the app was designed by the connections model team as a solution to the challenge of teaching functional skills to students within the classroom. The KidConnect App applies methods rooted in cognitive behavioral theory to bridge the gap between the therapy room and the classroom by allowing students to process their emotions and behaviors in real time while they are happening.

Currently, standard practice is to remove a student from the classroom when an inappropriate behavior occurs and then to talk through that behavior with the student later on in a one-on-one or therapy session. Unfortunately, these students often don’t understand what led to their behavior, and the more time that elapses between a behavior and an attempt to process it, the more difficult it is for them to connect with the emotions that got them there.

The KidConnect App is designed to process those emotions while they are fresh and to help children learn to identify different emotions and their sources right away. This allows clear connections to be made and it becomes easier for children to learn coping skills to regulate those emotions when they happen again in the future. Once the student has paired their behavior with an emotion and picked a productive strategy to use to deal with that emotion, they are prompted to return to their classroom activity.

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KidConnect at-a-glance

Students use the program immediately in class after an inappropriate behavior has been noticed.

This allows the student to relearn appropriate strategies to manage their behavior and remain in class.


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I have literally seen The Connections Model change a student's life.

Middle School Teacher, Massachusetts

The progress I have seen using the app is amazing. It is the most progress he has ever made in school.

Middle School Parent, Massachusetts

I have been thrilled with the support and tools my children have received working with Steve and Lori.

Middle School Parent, Massachusetts