The TCM Consulting Team will work with your existing staff to help you determine the needs of your students who are struggling to manage their behavior. We will assist with implementation of elements of the connections model that suit your needs, tailored for your students. We can help with strategies to include functional skill building in your curriculum and work with students to spend more productive time in the classroom.

We encourage an initial consultation with both teaching teams and families followed by ongoing maintenance consultations.

Curriculum and Technology Development

Specially-designed curriculum is a significant component in a behavioral plan and individualized education plan for a student struggling to understand and manage their feelings and behaviors.

The connections model™ has found that technology is an excellent tool for students who have difficulty with organization and output. Today’s students naturally gravitate to the use of devices such as tablets. The intuitive nature of these devices makes for an ideal delivery mechanism for many educational tools, including our proprietary app, KidConnect.

The TCM Consulting Team works with teachers and families to help integrate appropriate and useful technology into the educational plan for students. We can help with what tools, when, where, and how.


A strong comprehensive evaluation is critical in the development of a strong behavioral plan and individualized education plan for a student with a disability, such as Autism, ADHD or NVLD. Often, excellent testing data already exists for students and can be better utilized or analyzed. Other times, it is important to conduct new evaluations to gain additional information.

The TCM Consulting Team has the experience and ability to conduct all types of educational and cognitive testing, integrating results into practical and responsive recommendations that can be easily implemented in the classroom.

Staff Training and Development

As the needs of students with multiple disabilities increase, so do the needs of teachers and staff. One of the most important ways for schools to support students with multiple disabilities is to support the teachers and staff who are working hard to educate them every day.

The TCM Consulting Team works with administrators and teaching teams to analyze and create individualized in-service professional development trainings to meet the needs of your school and/or your district.
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