Why TCM?

If traditional methods aren’t working we must push for a new approach

The connections model™ (TCM) is a non-traditional approach to teaching and assisting children with Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder and other emotional and behavioral issues. We use a cognitive behavioral approach to address the multiple areas of skill deficits seen in this population of students.

The fact is, traditional methods of assisting these students are not working. In addition to suffering academically, they often also suffer socially and have a higher likelihood of growing into dysfunctional adults.

We owe it to our students to teach them the skills they need to succeed in various aspects of their lives in the classroom and beyond. Learning to manage and regulate emotions can be transformative for these students.

We know schools can’t afford to keep shipping students out of district and students can’t afford to be shipped out of the classroom. The connections model offers a potential solution to this cycle, a chance for students to learn to cope within the classroom and to deal with their feelings productively. This leads not only to a better academic performance, but more importantly, to an increased quality of life.

Our apps and our consulting services are designed to work first and foremost with the resources available at a school or district. We understand that budgets are tight and funding is scarce. We are looking to help you make small changes with large impact, within the confines of existing resources.

TCM can fit within the existing classroom structure. Try it and see the connections form.